1990 Nintendo World Championships - Claystation
Do you remember the classic 1989 Fred Savage movie The Wizard which featured the Nintendo Power Glove?  For those of you that do, there was actually a contest held in 1990 similar to the one at the end of the cult classic.  At the time the competition was considered to be a challenge to even the most experienced of gamers.  Promoted by Nintendo Power Magazine, the onetime must have gaming publication, contestants faced a timed challenge on three different games; super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and one of my personal favorites Tetris.  Each of the three titles was adapted from their original game play to have a different scoring system which would be tallied at the end of the challenge. 

                Each finalist was awarded a copy of the game cartridge used in the challenge.  The cartridge is titled 1990 World Championships, and known by retro gaming collectors as the “Grey Cartridge”.  The cartridge is noticeably different from normal Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in that is has three small switches on the front to set the time limit given for game play.  Only 90 of these cartridges were awarded, making one of the most sought after NES titles.  The average price for one of these games ranges from about $5000-$6000, however some have gone for north of $9000.

                 Roughly half of these game cartridges have made it onto the market which means the other half are still waiting to be discovered.  While perusing eBay the other day I came across a listing that featured the title amongst a collection of other Nintendo memorabilia.  If you’ve got money to burn and want to own a piece of gaming history check the listing out here.  Or if you’re like me and are simply fascinated by the amount of money games of my youth are fetching do the same.     

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