Who Is Clayton Evans

I’m a California native who moved to Milwaukee in January of 2010.  You might find yourself asking why anyone would give up all that California has to offer for the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin.  In my case it was to attend Marquette University.

                After receiving my BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Mass Communication from California State University, East Bay I quickly realized it wasn’t enough to land me a job that could turn into a career.  Hoping to further my education and raise my chances of finding the career of my dreams, which has yet to be dreamt of, I decided to go for my Graduate degree in Mass communication.

                Besides leaving my family and friends behind to pursue higher education I also had to give up many of the things I had grown to love about California.  Now you may be thinking surfing, right?  Although I have been surfing I am not a surfer.  However, I do enjoy the beach and the sandy shores of Lake Michigan just don’t quite do it for me.  What does one do in California if they don’t surf?  Personally I like to board and ride.

                  My original board of chose was of the four wheel variety. Growing up with a skateboard in hand I naturally progressed to snowboarding and wakeboarding.  Wisconsin may get a ton of snowfall but the state is pretty flat and to my standards just doesn’t cut it.  A short three hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, and my hometown of San Leandro, are the Sierra Nevada’s with 14,000+ feet of elevation and plenty of fresh powder during the winter months.  As a result my board is now collecting dust back home awaiting my inevitable return.  When I wasn’t riding the slopes I was hitting the dirt on two wheels at one of the many OHV parks close to home.  Dirt biking has definitely supplied some of the best times and worst injuries of my life.  When winter would come to an end all was not lost, it was simply time to hitch a ride on a friend’s boat and wakeboard.

                Now that I don’t have to deal with the outdoor distractions that California has to offer I’m looking for indoor options.  In an effort to avoid playing video games in my free time I am attempting to do the blogging thing.  My loss your gain, or maybe it’s the other way around.  Anyway check out what I have to offer and let me know what you think.

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