Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a lecture by Laura Gainor, PR and social media strategist for Comet Branding.  Her commentary on personal branding was especially relevant given her amazing success story of seeking employment in Milwaukee.  When one has no budget for marketing, even if it is marketing one's self, then social media is the only answer.  I definitely walked away with some new insight into the importance of personal branding, as well as some helpful hints as to the best way of doing so.    

                For me Twitter has always seemed like a lost cause.  I just don't feel I'm that interesting, and I don't want to be that guy who lets you know "I just ate a piece of toast."  This outlook changed when Laura suggested that the power of twitter can be harnessed to find out who the players of a specific area of interest are and establish interactions with them that may have otherwise been impossible or improbable.  Whether or not I have something interesting about myself to share with the world in 140 characters or less doesn't mean I can't add some commentary to the post of someone who does.  If Twitter is about networking why be out of the loop.

                Juggling content on the various social media platforms can be hard enough for the author who has a vested interest in doing so.  Why not make said content easier for potential end users to find.  Use a blog to house everything in one place.  Further, keep the various social media channel names the same.  Don't make people work hard to find you, because they won't.  In the same vein keep your personal profile pic the same on all channels to stay consistent.  Keeping this photo somewhat professional should be a no brainer.  Unless you want to be a party promoter, lose the pic with a drink in hand.  Don't look too stiff though, unless that is really who you are.  Let that pic showcase some of your personality.

                As the world of social media is ever expanding try to stay in the know.  What’s lame today may be what people are raving about tomorrow, and vice versa.  Seek out potential up and coming social media platforms, claim your URL to keep that channel name the same, and wait to see if it takes off.  In the mean time it's business as usual on the sites that are heavily trafficked.  

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