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I had the opportunity to play with the iPad.  It was a neat device just as I expected it to be.  However, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get one.  Rather, I think I’ll just wait for the release of Blackberry’s Playbook to fill my tablet needs.  Hopefully it will live up to expectations.

            As a whole the iPad is very cool.  Its small size and light weight make it the perfect device to entertain yourself with on the commute home, if you take public transportation that is.  If entertainment is all you are after, it would make a great substitute for a laptop on a vacation.  If you want more than that I would save your money and put it towards a MacBook.

            The device is pretty user friendly.  The touch screen keyboard works fine for me.  If you are opposed to it an external one is available for an additional cost, but in my mind you are getting closer to laptop status and should probably just go that route.  The iPad has a nice high-resolution screen which makes it perfect for watching videos and movies.  I didn’t get the chance to use Netflix on the device. I know the iPad has an app to allow Netflix streaming capability for a fee.  I don’t know if this is an additional charge for current subscribers.  I would recommend buying a stand to enhance the viewing experience; this would work well for digital books also.  

            I was a little bummed to find you can’t run multiple apps at the same time, but if you are only using it for entertainment purposes I guess that wouldn’t really be an issue.  I have mentioned other drawbacks in a previous post.  These include the lack of a USB port and Flash compatibility amongst others.

            Overall I would recommend an iPad for anyone who is a non-Blackberry user looking for a fun portable device to amuse themselves with.  If you want to do more than just play games, watch videos, or surf the web save your money and buy a laptop.   

11/8/2010 15:51:23

If you get the Playbook, can you bring it in? I'm a BlackBerry user for work and I am definitely more BlackBerry than Apple.


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