A friend and former professor of mine, Seth Harwood, has harnessed the power of social media and web 2.0 to promote his newly released book.  Through a barrage of tweets, Facebook posts, and email blasts Seth is getting the word out about Young Junius.

                Now is a time where a virtually unknown writer can gain worldwide readership through use of the web, and Seth seems to be doing just that.  Upon the release of his previous book, Jack Wakes Up, Seth was able to boost its sales to Amazons #1 in Crime/Mystery and #45 overall by use of his online audience alone.   

                Following a similar formula Seth is hoping to do the same with his latest release.  He is still doing the standard literary fare by going to bookstores around the country doing readings and signings.  However, he has enhanced their effectiveness through the use of YouTube and podcasts.  He recently added a new weapon of mass distribution to his arsenal, Scribd, a San Francisco based social publishing site that allows users to share their original works without needing a publisher.  Through the site Seth released a chapter of his book a day until its release date.  Get the full PDF here.

                Gone are the days when writers had to worry about finding a publisher to pick up their work.  If you write something and want to share it with the world follow Seth’s lead and just put it out there.   

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