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As the battle for Smartphone supremacy wages on Blackberry makes a move to stay neck in neck with their biggest competitor, Apple.  RIM (Research In Motion) recently announced that they will be releasing their own version of the tablet, the Blackberry Playbook.  This offering should not only attract new customers but solidify old ones as Blackberry faithful.

                Much like the “I’m a Mac” campaign would suggest people are brand loyal.  That has been a driving force for their phones sales.  People who use Apple computers would probably want an Apple phone. This is further solidified with the variety of ‘I” devices including the iPad.  Now that Blackberry has created a companion device of their own, they should be able to retain existing customers that may have been enticed by Apple’s iPad.

                The Blackberry Playbook said to be released in early 2011 boasts some features that trump the iPad.  It offers a 7 inch touch screen as well as front and rear facing cameras. The Playbook will have a mini USB port (in/out) as well as an HDMI out.  One of the most notable features that the Playbook will offer is one that the iPads may never have (based off of Apple’s previous resistance).  The Playbook will use both Adobe’s Flash and HTML5.

                The Playbook will also be able to sink up with Blackberry phones and provide 3G access through existing service plans.  3G access on the iPad runs about $30 a month.  These savings may also entice iPhone users to make the switch to Blackberry devices.

                I myself am a creature of habit. Being a Blackberry user I would be much more inclined to purchase a Playbook than an iPad.  I think RIM’s new tablet will fill the biggest shortcoming of the Blackberry phones, the lack of mindless apps. 

                Blackberries have always seemed like more of a business oriented device.  As a result they may not be as appealing of a choice to non-business types.  Just as a name like the Playbook would suggest, it will offer users the ability to stream video and play a variety of games  This will surely help to attract a different demographic of potential customers.

                Brand loyalty aside I think the features of the Playbook will make it a better device than the iPad.  This will probably provoke Apple to step up their game for the 2
nd Generation iPads. 

10/27/2010 14:38:07

So I should get one, is what you're saying? :) I am a BlackBerry girl too.

I just noticed your header on your blog. Did you see my post about Ferris Bueller? Love it!


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