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The Logitech Revue has hit the markets just in time for Christmas.  The set top box boosts the Google TV software which allows users to access all of their online and offline content.  In addition the included keyboard can operate all of your home theatre components, all for $299.  Dish network is offering the device to its customers for $179.

                Essentially the Revue is another entrant in the smart TV lineup, acting like a go between from your computer to you television, much like the previously released Apple TV, and Boxee.  This will allow users to access what they want to watch whether it be from the web, an app, or the television; all from one compact device.

                Using Google Chrome, the device supports both Flash and HTML5, a feature you won’t find on any Apple product.  The user interface can be brought up over content from cable or satellite and can stream music, video, photos from any connected PC.

                For an additional $150, users can purchase a TV-mounted camera which will allow for video calls in 720p HD. 

                The downside to this latest smart TV product is that many of the biggest content providers haven’t struck a deal with them yet.  What’s the point of having smart TV if you can’t access Hulu, CBS, or ABC?  In addition the search bar doesn’t access Netflix titles.

                When I first heard of the Logitech Revue I was pumped.  I love the company’s Harmony line of remotes which will do just about everything except make you a cocktail.  After doing some research I became less impressed.  Compared to competitors it is overpriced and underequipped.  As it is now, as far as smart TV goes I am leaning toward the Roku XDS, or just shelling out the $8 a month for Hulu Plus, accessed through the PS3.  If it weren’t for sports I would just get rid of my cable provider altogether and the functionality of the Logitech Revue would become a moot point.

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